4C原则 | The 4C’s

The 4 C’s

– From Mitch Barns Blog

Competence, Chemistry, Character, and Culture.  The 4C’s is one of HR’s principles during interview:

• Competence:  Does this person have the level of intelligence, skills, and experience that we require for the role? When in doubt, keep the bar high.
• Character:   Does this person have the integrity and standards to do what is ‘right’ for our Clients and Nielsen – always?  Are we confident in how he/she will respond under pressure?  There should be no doubt here.
• Chemistry:  This is simple. Is this someone who you would (very) happy to work with on a regular basis?  Is there a good rapport, an easy “connection”? (See below for some more thoughts on “chemistry”.)
• Culture:  This one is about “fit” with our company’s way of operating and our values, including open, simple, integrated.  Further, does this person show energy, optimism, kindness, a team-first attitude, and a bias for action?  Will this person add to, or subtract from, the inspiration of the team?
I like this framework because it is simple, easy to remember and use, and it helps me to be sure to form a well-rounded assessment of a candidate (vs. focusing too much on just one area…for instance, “competence”).
A few more words about “Chemistry”.  I’ve read that at Google, when the company was growing fast in its early years, the two founders would interview almost every candidate to join the company.  After the interview, they would ask themselves whether the candidate passes the “Airport Test”.  They way defined the “Airport Test” was like this:  “If I were at the airport with this person and we just learned that our flight was delayed for 3 hours, how would I feel?  Would I dread being stuck with this person for the next 3 hours, or would I look forward to it?”
What do you think of the 4C’s?  Do you like the idea of the “Airport Test”?





• 竞争力:这个人是否有这个职位所需的智慧、能力和经验?如果其中一点有怀疑的话,就保持高要求。
• 性格:这个人能不能始终如一地在面对客户和公司的时候表现出诚恳、正直的态度?我们对于他在压力下的表现是不是有信心?这一点应该是毫无疑问的。
• 化学:这一点很简单。每天和TA在一起工作,你会不会(很)快乐?你们之间是不是很和谐,很容易相处?(请参考后面说到的关于“化学”的一些想法)
• 文化:这一点说的是是否能够适合公司在运作中的一些价值观,比如Nielsen的“开放、简单和整合”。另外,这个人是否表现出充满活力、乐观、善良和集体第一的态度,并且也会如此行动?TA会增加、还是减弱团队的士气?