Leadership from a junior’s point of view

Talking with more senior people sometimes inspire us. I talked with a senior people today and mentioned leadership. In my point of view, leader is an expert on ‘Win-Win’ deal. In common words, a leader is good at ‘achieving his goal while enabling team members achieve theirs’. A good leader influences instead of controling his people.  

I met several best leaders during my short working experience, and they do have some common points. The most common point is ‘try to know everyone’, which may express as kind, nice, polite and smile. They’re always welcome for advice as well as demands, regardless it’s a good idea or not, or he is important or not. I thought it was a very imporant start to achieve a ‘Win-Win’ deal though further steps may be more difficult and need more resource. Nevetheless, it reminds us that to know other’s demand can be a good approach for us junior people to build sense of leadership by knowing people’s demand and try to help them achieve. If we can exchange goal and work together, that can be a good practice for second step.

At last, I’d like to quote words from one of my friend, ‘Never try to gain your end while ignoring others’ demand, or you’ll fail.’